Cycling: It's a Critical Public Health Issue

The Cycling Demonstration Towns [link] will lead the way in encouraging local people to use pedal power. Funding is being used to make the environment more cyclist friendly, to offer safety training and to encourage take up through extensive promotion.

Part of the remit of the CDTs will be to stress the health component of their work, through:

  • Partnerships with their Primary Care Trusts and other key partners
  • Promotions and programmes aimed at the NHS
  • Developing programmes of led 'health rides'
  • Piloting health on wheels training
  • Monitoring the health outcomes of their work

The CDT programme is being carefully monitored to assess how successful it has been in increasing levels of cycling. A related programme is also taking place to collect baseline data in each town to measure the impact that the CDT programme has on health in each town. This includes a random population survey of physical activity in each town.


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