Cycling: It's Good for You

Cycling is a healthy activity. Riding a bike - whether for fun, sport or transport is a healthy way to get around. And improving health is one of the main reasons people try cycling.

Most people could benefit from taking part in more physical activity. Consider the advantages of cycling:

  • Cycling is an efficient aerobic activity, and can be carried out at a 'moderate' level - as recommended by the Chief Medical Officer
  • Even quite leisurely cycling (around 10 miles/hour) burns calories at the same rate as very brisk walking (faster than 4mph)
  • Cycling can easily be incorporated into everyday routines without having to find time for the gym or for deliberate exercise.
  • Everyday cycling usually means periods of active work, alternating with rest periods (when coasting or at traffic lights). This makes it easy to recover and keep going for longer
  • Cycling is low impact activity and easier on the joints than activities such as jogging.


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