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Cycle friendly infrastructure and policies are the building blocks that lead to greater levels of cycling.


Cycling England is keen to encourage both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ measures which support and promote increased levels of cycling.


Please click here to see Cycling England's Gallery of images, demonstrating cycling friendly infrastructure.


Cycle friendly infrastructure should reflect the needs of each location follow the hierarchy of solutions and give advantage to non-motorised road users. Cycling England encourages the flexible interpretation of design guidance and the trialling of innovative designs, using experimental schemes where appropriate. This website also includes a gallery of examples of good practice.


The integration of cycling into local policy documents is a key element to promoting more cycling. As well as transport plans and strategies, this needs to include wider policy documents notably in the planning and health sectors.
We expect the Cycling Demonstration Towns to provide a test bed for many new initiatives and Cycling England will support these and other local authorities through its Professional Support Service.


Cycling England has appointed an expert team to work with local authorities and other organisations. The professional support team will provide technical support and advice on policy, engineering, education, training and publicity about cycling, to enable local authorities to achieve maximum return from their investment in cycling.


You can access a selection of the advice provided via the topic headings under Useful Resources below.

If your authority is keen to promote cycling and needs specific expertise, please don't hesitate to contact the team coordinator at or download a Request for Support form here.



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