Cycling England Professional Support

The Local Authority Professional Support Team has a brief to work with local authorities and other organisations to provide technical support and advice on policy, engineering, planning and publicity about cycling.  This is primarily through dissemination of existing and emerging good practice.


We work on a call-off basis responding to specific requests from local authorities, and are able to provide up to 5 days of (free) technical support with priority given to opportunities where the assistance of the team might make most difference, and which contribute to Cycling England's guiding principles of leverage, impact and focus.


We also aim to work proactively with the Cycling Demonstration Towns and other willing partners to help to develop the successful elements of the Cycling England work programmes into the future. There are seven of us on the core team, but we have scope to draw on specialists outside the team where appropriate.


Our work with local authorities to date has included advice on policy and Local Transport Plan content, site specific engineering issues, cyclists' use of zebra crossings, travel plans, signage, mapping and promotional initiatives. Click here for a list of who we work with.


The professional support team encompasses a wide range of experience and offers specialist advice on cycle planning and engineering issues, to support local highway authorities in delivering their cycling strategies. Local authorities interested in using the service should contact the team coordinator at or download a Request for Support form here.


A selection of the advice provided through this service is being posted on the Cycling England website, and this can be accessed under the topic headings below.


The Cycling England Professional Support services cover the following areas:



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