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In the last month, Exeter has been working up its proposal for the 'Cycle to your Hearts Content' project which is due to be launched at the end of March. In February, we selected ten pensioners to pilot the exercise referral scheme. The participants will receive Cycle Training to allow them to maximize the health benefits of the sport, as recommended by their doctors. Training of all levels will be offered to participants to cater for their varying abilities.

Marketing has also been a focus in the last month. In addition to launching Cycling Exeter Website (http://www.devon.gov.uk/cycleexeter) we began the Exeter slogan campaign. In asking residents to engage with the marketing of Exeter as a Cycling Demonstration Town, we are hoping to give them a sense of ownership of cycling in the city. Let's hope the responses produce some good results!

We are now conducting interviews for a school and work place travel coordinator, who will help teachers and employers develop travel plans and encourage cycle participation, but more of that next month!

And despite the cold weather and snow, work has also been progressing on a number of cycle schemes in the city and on the Exe estuary routes.

March 2006


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