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Brighton and Hove is pleased to announce, the appointment of a former teacher, Gary Ship, as Brighton's first Bike It Officer. Gary will work with ten schools in the city to promote cycling in a targeted way. Bike-It projects have reported phenomenal success rates and in some cases quadrupled cycling levels in schools, so we are very excited about Gary’s work. Let's hope he is too!

Two conferences have taken place this month. Cycling in the Urban Realm featured a guest speaker from Denmark who discussed a number of innovative ways to increase cycling participation, such as allowing cyclists to go first at traffic lights. The second event was the Annual Sustrans Rangers Conference which took place on the 28 February. The conference, which featured presentations from John Grimshaw Sustrans CEO, and a number of workshops for participants, culminated in a bicycle ride of the city for 50 of the attendees.

In the last few weeks, we have been working with national experts and University specialists to deliver one of the largest and most comprehensive personalised travel planning programmes in the country. We are working with local businesses and organizations to pull together a range of incentives that will encourage more people to move away from the car to sustainable transport modes.

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