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Since the launch of the website, we have been successful in our funding application for £15m from the Government's newly created 'Community Infrastructure Fund'. This means that work on the Southcourt Bridge, which will cross the railway to the town centre and be open to both cyclists and walkers, can now go ahead.

We have also now agreed all the plans for cycle crossings over the ring road, so we know where our Toucans, Zebras and Tigers will be. The location of our first cycle storage facilities have also been finalised and will shortly be built in the Kingsbury town centre.

In the last few weeks of the month, we have been focusing on the production of a 12 page brochure which will be distributed to 26,000 homes in Aylesbury. The leaflet, which promotes cycling to potential cyclists, includes information on how to maintain your bike and where to receive cycle training as well as information on routes and facilities available in the town. The deadline for the brochure is the 3 rd of March, so we are certainly busy at the moment! The launch is scheduled to take place on the 24 th of March so more on that next month.

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