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Introduction and apologies1.1 Apologies had been received from John Grimshaw and Dave Merrett. 2. Action notes, and matters arising from CE meeting on 8 December 20052.1 The notes of the last meeting had been circulated and posted on the Cycling England (CE) website. 2.2 There were no matters arising.3. Progress on key issues and projects (Paper CE 007)3.1 Training Kevin Mayne reported that there had been an encouraging take-up of bursaries, but that further effort needed to be given to building capacity. Lynn Sloman said that Exeter had been seeking some guidance on the type of training needed and she wondered how best to advise the other Cycling Demonstration Towns. Kevin Mayne replied that each would need specific and tailored programmes, but could be assisted both through the training helpline operated for Cycling England by the CTC, and possibly through consultancy effort. Steve Garidis confirmed that training delivered to the National Standard was a central part of each Cycling Demonstration Town�s agreement. 3.2 Links to schools Steve Garidis reported on a recent stewardship meeting with Sustrans and the Department for Transport. There were some promising outcomes from the current phase of work. The Department had asked Sustrans to generate some case study material. 3.3 Bike it Lynn Sloman inquired about the extent of current resources. Phillip Darnton explained that whilst originally there had been 4 officers working in 40 schools, in due course there would be a team of 9 (including those working in the Cycling Demonstration Towns), and also TfL had taken on 2 people for London. He confirmed that Bike It effort within the CDTs would, like that for other areas, be funded from the specific Bike It stream of Cycling England's budget. 3.4 Cycling Demonstration Towns Phillip Darnton and Lynn Sloman reported good progress in crystallising detailed plans in each town. 3.5 Alison Hill requested that forthcoming CDT meetings and events be circulated amongst Cycling England members and supporters. Steve Garidis said that such information flows would improve when the new CE website was fully on stream in a few weeks time. 3.6 Phillip Darnton said that the Minister for Transport was likely to write to senior councillors in each CDT, inviting them to meet him and present an appreciation of �quick wins� in each town. 3.7 Lynn Sloman reported that interviews for the post of CDT Schemes Coordinator were imminent. For the monitoring of CDTs, a contract was likely to be let very early in February. Monitoring of health impacts, including assessment in schools, was being dealt with separately, and work was well underway to identify the precise requirement. 3.8 Health Alison Hill reported that a draft strategy and action plan on cycling and health had now been circulated for comment to Cycling England members. Phillip Darnton referred to a document "Health on Wheels" which had been published by the North West Regional Director of Public Health and Regional Medical Officer. This had been written by Ian Tierney and Nick Cavill, and was intended principally for Primary Care Trusts interested in setting up a cycling referral project 3.9 Marketing/promotion Phillip Darnton reported sound progress in developing a communications plan, with very specific messages targeted to regional/local providers. There was discussion on resurrecting a �cycling at the workplace� work stream. One possibility was to seek support from the Department of Health, as workplace issues featured strongly in the Government's public health package. 3.10 Steve Garidis reported that the new Cycling England web site was developing well, and a content developer was currently writing copy and assembling a resource base to support local providers. The full website was due to go live on 6 March. 3.11 Consideration of electronic journey planning for cyclists had now gone beyond a feasibility stage, and Transport Direct were interested in developing it further. If the opportunity were to be generated, it would then be for Cycling England to promote the value of supplying the local data needed.4. Chairman�s report on Government Group meeting4.1 Phillip Darnton said that a meeting with the Government Group the previous week had gone well. The idea of a meeting between those Ministers with responsibilities relating to cycling had been broadly agreed. The outcome that would be sought would be a core script for Ministers to agree, covering the key values of cycling. 4.2 Each government Department represented at the Government Group meeting had committed to at least one main action in support of Cycling England. 4.3 Steve Garidis was asked to check whether Government Group meeting notes were public documents and could be placed on the Cycling England web site.Action: Steve Garidis to enquire the status of Government Group meeting notes 4.4 There was general discussion of other issues arising from the government group meeting. It seemed possible that cycling could benefit from new multisport grants that had inputs from the educational sector. These could well provide an opportunity to pick up on extended school hours issues. It was not yet clear whether the grants would be administered directly by Sport England, or through a body such as the Youth Sport Trust. Chris Spencer offered to make some inquiries of relevant organisationsAction: Chris Spencer to make enquiries about the future administration of multisport grants.5. CE Work Plan � outline budget 2006/07 5.1 Phillip Darnton explained the need to decide options for the next financial year, within the limited flexibility now available. He felt that a meeting of Cycling England, specifically dealing with budget issues, would probably be called during late February or early March.6. CDT Project Initiation Document 6.1 Steve Garidis requested those Cycling England members who had not already done so to signify their acceptance of the circulated document. Lynn Sloman mentioned that she had already replied, with a suggestion for a small modification of wording on one point. 7. Update on work of local authority LTP2 support team (Paper CE 008) 7.1 Tony Russell reported that a significant element of the support team�s work had been with the Cycling Demonstration Towns, and that positive interactions were developing. Overall response levels had been lower than expected, but interest was growing. 7.2 Phillip Darnton asked what specific areas of help had been requested. Tony Russell replied that there had been few queries directly relating to cycling elements of the Local Transport Plans. The main demand had been for assistance on innovative measures, and from the Cycling Demonstration Towns. It had taken some time for the message to filter out that the support team offered a free and unbiased advisory service.8. Cycling tourism opportunities8.1 At the invitation of the Chairman, Susan Achmatowicz of Country Lanes made a presentation on her company�s concept of sustainable cycle tourism. This would be delivered through a network of rural hire centres, achieving a range of economic, environmental and social benefits through an effective public/private partnership. 9. Dates and venues for CE meetings during 20069.1 Steve Garidis suggested that it might be helpful to fix in diaries some dates for main Cycling England meetings throughout the year, with an approximate frequency of one every eight weeks. That would help in planning combined site visits and meetings to individual Cycling Demonstration Towns. 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